Solutions for Infertility & Childlessness

Resolve your issues about being childless not by choice               
                                                                                 ~ move beyond pain, struggle, indecision


Gain clarity about whether or how to have a child.


If You cannot have a biological child, receive guidance to heal your sorrow and despair.


Learn how your childlessness or infertility issues can affect your health and well-being.  


Improve communication and healthy boundaries in all your relationships that are affected by your current childlessness (including with medical personnel).


If You are dealing with infertility treatments, utilize holistic perspectives and tools as effective complementary strategies on your way to becoming pregnant and giving birth to a healthy baby.


Benefit from individually tailored mentoring during the adoption process.

Being involuntary childless can profoundly affect your sense of identity and create deep-seated grief. A wall of silence surrounds and isolates most women and men regardless of the reason for their involuntary childlessness.

Approximately 25% of Americans are childless not by choice, and 10% to 15% of the reproductive age group are infertile. Childlessness is still a taboo, despite the increasing prevalence of life circumstances which make it hard or impossible to have a biological child: fertility issues, relationship with a partner who already is a parent, being single with the biological clock ticking, hysterectomy, miscarriages, disease, disability, same sex relationships, etc.

Siljoy Maurer gives holistic perspectives and guidance on how to live through struggles with current childlessness (including secondary infertility) and how to achieve your dream - if it is meant to be - in the form of a biological child. She teaches skills and tools that rarely have been used in fertility treatments before and which can help You make it happen ‘from the inside’.

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